Body Revival
By Health Reactive

Get relief from Complications of Various Cancer Diseases like Mouth cancer, Prostate cancer, Stomach Cancer, Tongue cancer, Breast cancer, Gallbladder cancer, Liver cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Throat Cancer, Tonsil cancer, Kidney cancer, Lungs cancer, Pancreas cancer, uterus cancer, Cervical cancer, Lymphoma cancer, Sarcoma and Multiple Myeloma with Ayurveda. Body Revival is a Ayurvedic Liquid suspension with composition of Nature's Best 9 Ancient Herbs which works on Immunotherapy, Principle of Cell Theory & Cell Regeneration.

The healing properties of these precious Herbs are highly effective for Relief in health problems such as Cancer and Other problems Like Paralysis, neurological disorders etc.

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Benefits Of Body Revival

  • Improves Immunity to help fight against cancer Cells
  • Supports Regeneration of good cells.
  • May help to get Relief in Tumors related Complications.
  • It strengthens the nerves and may help promote new cell formation in the brain.
  • Result oriented Ayurvedic Treatment.
  • Helps Maintain normal insulin levels.
  • Restores normal blood pressure levels.
  • Detoxify Body & Purifies Blood.
  • More than 1 Lakh Patients Healed successfully.
  • High success rate for cancer and other diseases in the human body.
  • Research based Ayurvedic liquid Suspension.
  • 100% Herbal & No Side Effect.
  • Painless.
  • GMP Certified.

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Yes, cancer may be healed naturally with Ayurveda, Painlessly!

Body Revival is an Ayurvedic formulation which works on the Principle of Cell Theory Immunotherapy & Cell Regeneration.

Body Revival is a composition of 9 ancient Nature's Best Herbs.

Properties of each Herb is to Heal every single cell by Supporting & Boosting Regeneration of Cells & Tissues. Reinforce body Mechanism to fight against Cancer cells & inhibits the growth & regeneration of tumors & Cancer Cells and flushes the Dead & Harmful Cells from the body.

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Liver Cancer

Hiresh Maheshwari


My father (Age 79) was suffering from Liver cancer. Doctors said there are no chances of survival now and we lost all our hopes.

Then we got to know about BODY REVIVAL through one of my friends, my father started taking BODY REVIVAL and after few months of it’s consumption there was no cancer detected and there was no abnormal cell growth. This is really a miracle for us.

I recommended BODY REVIVAL to one of my relatives, she was having TONGUE CANCER, after taking BODY REVIVAL for 2 months, she is almost normal.

We are thankful to Mr. Munir Khan and TEAM HEALTH REACTIVE.

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Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Nanda Mahadik


I was having chest pain for a long time, after doctor’s suggestion I went for X-Ray and found out there is a lump in my chest which after test was confirmed it’s Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (CANCER) and was on 3rd stage. Size of the lump was about 9.9 centimeters. There was no improvement after Chemotherapy.

After I got to know about BODY REVIVAL through a friend, so we went to Health Reactive’s Cancer Care Center and I was suggested to start BODY REVIVAL.

After taking BODY REVIVAL for 2 months, my lump has reduced down from 9.9 centimeters to 1.22 centimeters.


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Blood Cancer

Kiran Madukar Rane

Neral (maharashtra)

My father was diagonsed with Multiple Myeloma (Blood Cancer). We took a treatment for 1.5 years in which my father was given injections and later was given Chemotherapy. There was no positive sign of improvement in my father’s health with this treatment.

I got to know about BODY REVIVAL through a friend. Seeing my father’s health deteriorating every pasing day we immediately started giving BODY REVIVAL doses (as suggested) to my father.

After taking BODY REVIVAL for few months my father’s health condition improved immensely and later in tests we got to know my father is free from cancer.

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Bone Cancer

Md Aslam Khan


My Cousin brother was on LAST STAGE CANCER and doctors at Tata Memorial said there is no hope of survival and we should serve him as much as we can and pray to God.

Through one of our knowns, we got to know about Mr. Munir Khan & BODY REVIVAL. We immediately went to Health Reactive Cancer Care and started BODY REVIVAL as suggested by the team of doctors at Health Reactive.

It was a mirace for us that my cousin’s health improved immensely and he is in a way better condition and we are still continuing the treatment.
We are thankful to Mr. Munir Khan and TEAM HEALTH REACTIVE.

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Tumor In Liver (Cancer)

Jyotika Parekh


My mother-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer and was suggested for an operation which we were told could cost from 5 lakh to any amount.

We got to know about Mr. Munir Khan & BODY REVIAL through someone from our building. We went to Health Reactive Cancer Care and team of  doctors suggested to start BODY REVIVAL.

After 3rd dose her bilirubin level started to come down and after few more doses when we went for a PET Scan, the doctors at the hospital were surprised and they told us that the tumor has dissolved and it was a miracle for us.


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Brain Tumor (Cancer)

Md Shafiuddin

Gulbarga (Karnataka)

My sister was diagnosed with BRAIN TUMOR and was advised for an operation as it could grow in size in near future.

We were seeking for options other than operation, then we got to know about Mr. Munir Khan and BODY REVIVAL.

At Health Reactive Cancer Care we met people who got relief in thier cancer compliactions. We were suggested by the team of doctors to start BODY REVIAL. After completing 2 bottles of BODY REVIVAL when we went for the test, the tumor was no more in her body.


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